Cornell Nozzle Spray Gun

Designed for the most effective coverage of fine droplets to cover the plant canopy. Fine mist head developed at Cornell University.
Gun operates between 150 to 300 psi.

Gun operates between 150 to 300 psi.

  • Cornell Nozzle Spray Gun - Garden Hose Thread Swivel
    USD $203.87
  • Cornell Nozzle Spray Gun - Quick Disconnect
    USD $203.87
  • Cornell Spray Head Replacement Assembly
    USD $100.88
  • Optional Ceramic Discs and Cores for Cornell Spray Gun
    USD $34.16


The Cornell Nozzle Spray Gun is is a fine mist spray gun used for applying product in the greenhouse industry. The spray gun operates between 150 to 300 psi. The 5 nozzles produce a cloud of fine droplets which effectively covers the complete canopy of plant material.

Originally developed at Cornell University, the Cornell Nozzle Spray Gun has been an industry standard for over 30 years.

When ordering, please choose between Garden Hose Thread Swivel Option or the Quick Coupler - Quick DisConnect Option.

  • Angle of the outside nozzles are ADJUSTABLE
  • Flow Rate Average: 2 GPM - requires a 3 GPM - 300 psi pump
  • D2 nozzles with DC33 cores
  • Pattern: Fine Mist - non adjustable
  • Nozzle Assembly can be purchased separately
  • Nozzles included are Hardened Stainless Steel
  • Optional: Ceramic nozzles available

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