Ironjet / Fiestajet Gun - Spray Gun

FiestaJet spray gun is shown with the 3/8K-45 nozzle. It can be used to apply Fiesta, Organo-Sol, Sevin and many other registered Pesticides.
Pictured is the IronJet / FiestaJet Gun with garden hose thread.

Pictured is the IronJet / FiestaJet Gun with garden hose thread.

  • Fiestajet Gun with Quick Connect
    USD $154.78
  • Fiestajet Gun with Garden Hose Thread
    USD $154.78
  • Floodjet
    USD $9.85


The IronJet / FiestaJet Gun has been designed for the application of Herbicide. The Iron Jet Gun is very similar to the Lawnjet spray gun except the nozzle on this gun screws directly into the aluminum barrel. The nozzle is a Teejet 3/8K-45. The FiestaJet Gun can be used to apply the Fiesta / Organo-Sol or any Iron Based combined spray mixtures.

Fiesta can be tank mixed and requires no tank agitation. When mixed Fiesta will have the viscosity of water. Using the Fiesta Jet Gun the mixture can be applied at temperatures as low as 10 Degrees Celsius and as high as 30 Degrees Celsius. At 30 Degrees Celsius Fiesta will burn your grass. It can also at high temperatures turn the thatch black.

As with all equipment it is important to clean your equipment by running clean water through it and never long term store mixed product in the tank or system. The trigger assembly requires yearly maintenance. Repair kits are readily available. The trigger can be repaired 2-3 times, before having to be replaced. Disintegration is usually caused by corrosion. The label rate for Fiesta is 1 part Fiesta to 24 parts water.

When ordering make sure you order the correct gun connection for your lines.

The Pestjet Gun is also superior for spot treating with Fiesta or Iron based fertilizers. The applicators tell us that you just walk at half speed.

Below is a two part repair video on the lawnjet gun which is very similar to the Fiestajet gun.

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