Lawnjet Trigger & Repair Kit

Makes your Lawnjet like new!
Replacement Lawnjet Trigger (23.1903.11).

Replacement Lawnjet Trigger (23.1903.11).

  • Lawnjet Spray Trigger - no swivel
    USD $71.33
  • Lawnjet Repair Kit Only
    USD $32.23
    • Buy 6 for USD $30.62 each and save 5%
    • Buy 12 for USD $29.01 each and save 10%


Is your Lawnjet gun leaking? Will it not shut off completely?

By replacing the internal parts of the Lawnjet trigger or the whole trigger itself you can fix the problem easily. Please be aware that you can only put a kit in the trigger so many times before you have to replace the trigger or the whole gun as a result of mechanical wear.

This is also the trigger that is used in production at Rittenhouse for other items such as the Lawnjet gun, Pestjet Gun, Widejet gun, Overhead Watering Wand, Rootfeeder w/Flowmeter and the Windcone Spray Wand.

Repair Kit Instructions - Follow the Sequence of Steps Below:

  • Make sure all old parts are removed from gun (don't forget to remove the old seal).
  • Put the medium o-ring in the groove on the metal cage.
  • Put the larger o-ring around the cap.
  • Slip the rubber seal onto the push pin. The open part of the seal should face the same direction as the indentation in the top of the pin.
  • Insert the seal and pin into the gun. The blunt end of the pin should protrude slightly from the body of the lawnjet gun. The indented end should face out. The seal should be flat against the inside of the body of the gun.
  • Slide the cage into the gun over the pin. The larger opening of the cage should face out.
  • Fit the stainless steel seat into the body of the gun. The end of the seat with the o-ring goes into the opening of the cage.
  • Fit the heavier spring onto the stainless steel seat.
  • Close the gun with the brass cap.
  • The lighter spring is used to replace the spring under the trigger.

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