High Volume Lay Flat Hose

1 1/2" high volume lay flat, fire type hose.

1 1/2" fittings on this 1 1/2" ID Hose.

1 1/2" fittings on this 1 1/2" ID Hose.

  • High Volume Hose Assembly 50'
    USD $354.52
  • Fire Hose Drenching Nozzle 1 1/2"
    USD $49.99


A high quality nitrile rubber lay flat hose for up to 150 psi working pressure. Primarily designed for water pumping in the industrial and irrigation markets.

Very similar to a fire hose and can be used for putting out spot fires or brush fire. However, this is not standard fire hose and may not meet the specifications of your local fire department.

This high volume hose has an inside diameter of 1 1/2", comes complete with male and female fittings. The fittings are pyrolite and the female end turns for easy use. The thread is very close to NPT, so a regular National Pipe Thread 1 1/2" fitting will work.

Add the 1 1/2" Fire Nose Nozzle or add our 2" Honda Water Pump.

This hose is used for:

  • Construction
  • Nursery
  • Drenching newly laid sod
  • Agricultural applications
  • Pumping out flooded areas
  • Golf Course
  • Filling a backyard pool
  • Parks departments
  • Other emergency situations which require a high volume of water in a short period of time

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