Hose Roller Guide 2 Versions

This Hose Roller Guide will save your flowers and bushes from hose destruction. Constructed of steel and poly roller.
The 1115 Roller Hose Guide comes in two pieces with low friction rollers.

Hose Roller Guide - Rittenhouse version.

Hose Roller Guide - Rittenhouse version.

  • Hose Roller Guide
    USD $51.49
  • Hose Roller Guide 1115
    USD $24.73


Save your flowers and landscaping from destruction by providing one of these low friction guides for your hose or electrical cords.

The Rittenhouse Hose Roller Guide is constructed of heavy-duty black painted steel with a poly roller, the Hose Roller Guide is 13 inches long.

The 1115 Eley Hose Guide includes a hollow spike to drive into the soil and a low friction hose guide that drops into the spike. Made of stainless steel with easy-spin roller balls. The spike can be driven in to ground level and the roller lifted out when not in use to provide for obstacle-free mowing and walking.

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