Teejet Boomjet Nozzle - 5880

Boomless Nozzle with extra wide flat spray projection. The BoomJet nozzle from TeeJet.

Four sizes available for these 5880 BoomJet Boomless Nozzles.

Four sizes available for these 5880 BoomJet Boomless Nozzles.

  • Boomjet Boomless 2.6 gpm Nozzle - 34.5' Spray Coverage
    USD $215.12
  • Boomjet Boomless 4 gpm Nozzle - 40.5' Spray Coverage
    USD $215.12
  • Boomjet Boomless 8.6 gpm Nozzle - 52' Spray Coverage
    USD $215.12
  • Boomjet Boomless 17 gpm Nozzle - 63' Spray Coverage
    USD $215.12


The Type 5880 TeeJet BoomJet Nozzle is used for spraying areas not easily accessed with a boom sprayer. It combines two off-center tips and three VeeJet nozzles to produce an overall wide swath flat spray. The nozzle assembly provides good distribution considering the wide pattern. However, the coverage is not as uniform as a normal boom would provide. The nozzle comes with one blank and one plug so it is possible to change the 5880 to spray from one side only.

There is a 3/4" NPT inlet.

The boomjet nozzle is susceptible to drift because of the wide pattern.

Four different BoomJets are available.

Please be aware that these nozzle require a pump with a large capacity, you can only use 2/3 of your pumps volume and still maintain pressure.


  • Max. Width: 34.5'
  • Uses 2.60 gallons per minute


  • Max. Width: 40.5'
  • Uses 4.00 gallons per minute


  • Max. Width: 52'
  • Uses 8.60 gallons per minute


  • Max. Width is 63'
  • Uses 17.0 gallons per minute

Please refer to the capacity chart in 'Related Information' if you want to know which nozzle best suits your needs.

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