Salvarani Mini-Marker Foam Marker for Push Spreaders

Mini-Marker attaches to your walk behind fertilizer spreaders or sprayers.

*Spreader Not Included*

*Spreader Not Included*

  • Salvarani Mini-Marker Foam Marker
    USD $413.72


The Salvarani Mini-Marker foam marker is easy to install on any walk-behind push spreader or push sprayer. The foam marker is used as a center alignment on the walk-behind spreaders/sprayers. Making small foam balls at adjustable intervals that will not burn your turf and will give you the precision you always wanted by avoiding space gaps. It helps to eliminate streaking for even fertilization, also helps avoid overlapping of chemical.


1 US Gallon Tank
Rechargeable Battery
Foam Nozzle
Flow Regulator
Battery Charger

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