Super Swivel Repair Kit

Super Swivel Repair Kits, three sizes available.
Repair Kit for 1/2" Super Swivel.

Repair Kit for 1/2" Super Swivel.

  • Swivel Repair Kit 1/2"
    USD $19.85
  • Swivel Repair Kit 3/4"
    USD $23.12
  • Swivel Repair Kit 1"
    USD $28.37


The Heavy Duty Swivel Repair Kit includes o-rings, ball bearings, split rings and grease nipple.

Three sizes available. 1/2" NPT, 3/4" NPT and 1" NPT.

Please order according to the size of the threads. The threads are measured in NPT (National Pipe Thread). So a 1/2" super swivel will measure about 3/4", a 3/4" NPT will measure close to 1". For an explanation of NPT, please see this page:

Swivel not included.

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