Turbo Teejet Nozzles - TT

Excellent spray pattern. Highly recommended for open boom golf course and turf sprayers. Wide 110 degree angle flat spray.

Flat fan spray pattern.

Flat fan spray pattern.

  • Turbo Teejet 11001 VP Nozzle
    USD $5.27
  • Turbo Teejet 110015 VP Nozzle
    USD $5.30
  • Turbo Teejet 11002 VP Nozzle
    USD $5.30
  • Turbo Teejet 11003 VP Nozzle
    USD $5.30
  • Turbo Teejet 11004 VP Nozzle
    USD $5.30
  • Turbo Teejet 11005 VP Nozzle
    USD $5.30
  • Turbo Teejet 11006 VP Nozzle
    USD $5.30
  • Turbo Teejet 11008 VP Nozzle
    USD $5.30


Drift is a problem that can be managed: Until now applicators have been forced to choose drift-reducing nozzles that sacrifice spray pattern uniformity. The Turbo Teejet addresses this concern by dramatically improving distribution uniformity. This nozzle produces larger droplets that resist drift. These nozzles are best for Liberty and Contact herbicides

The printing on all nozzles indicates the angle and capacity. Always refer to nozzle chart to verify angle and capacity.

This nozzle's unusually wide pressure range of 15 to 90 psi allows applicators to travel at a wider range of speeds without having to change nozzles.

Strainer Recommendations:

  • 100 Mesh Strainer for the TT11001-VP and TT110015-VP Turbo Nozzles
  • 50 Mesh Strainer for all remaining Turbo TeeJet Nozzles

Nozzle Cap Recommendations for automatic spray alignment:

  • Threaded Brass Nozzle Cap CP1325
  • Threaded Nylon Nozzle Cap CP8027-NYB
  • Quick TeeJet Cap CP25611
  • Quick TeeJet Cap CP25612 with gasket

Please see Related Products for more information about strainers and nozzle caps

In the 'Related Information' section, you will find a Turbo TeeJet Nozzle Capacity Chart for more information.

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