UDOR Pump - Kappa 18/12

The Udor Kappa 18/12 is a heavy-duty commercial quality electric 12 volt diaphragm pump.

Udor Kappa 18/12V DC Powered Diaphragm Pump.

Udor Kappa 18/12V DC Powered Diaphragm Pump.

  • UDOR Kappa 18/12 Pump and Motor
    (KAPPA 18/12)
    USD $789.02
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  • UDOR Kappa 18 Repair Kit - 8700-27CK
    USD $190.88
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  • UDOR Kappa 7/15/18 Diaphragm Kit - Desmopan
    USD $69.32
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  • UDOR Repair Kit 8700.28
    USD $57.45
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  • Teejet 23120 Regulator - 1/2"
    USD $28.79
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  • Regulator
    USD $69.88


The Udor Kappa 18/12 is a low pressure, two diaphragm electric 12V pump that features the largest flow and pressure rating in its class. Recommended for use with 12 V DC deep cycle marine battery. This pump draws between 22 and 30 A, depending on pressure.

These Kappa Series 12 V DC Powered Diaphragm Pumps are well suited for various weed control, pest control, horticultural, agricultural, lawn care, and injection spraying applications. They easily handle the pumping and spraying of a wide variety of agricultural chemicals, such as herbicides, pesticides, liquid fertilizers, abrasive materials, de-icing materials, and other hard-to-handle fluids.

Excellent for use in commercial landscaping weed spray applications. It can really only supply one spray wand and maintain pressure.

This unit is commonly found on US Weed Man electric sprayers.

There is a small sight glass, found on the side of the pump with a red dot. If you notice that the pump oil looks a little milky gray in color, it is time to replace the main diaphragms because the oil is mixed with spray. Do not run the pump with mixed oil, it will shorten the life of the pump. If you rely on a Udor diaphragm pump (or any diaphragm pump) for your living, it is always wise to keep a repair kit on hand. Based on our experience, the day you need the pump most is the same day the diaphragms will fail.


  • Max. Flow: 4.2 gpm
  • Max. Pressure: 70 psi
  • Max. Draw: 28-31 A
  • Max. Pump Speed: 550 rpm
  • Max. Fluid Temperature: 140° F
  • Port Sizes: 3/4" inlet, 1/2" outlet
  • Equipped with pulsation dampener and 12 V DC electric motor.
  • Two diaphragm, low pressure, positive displacement pump.
  • Urethane diaphragms.
  • Internally manifolded with anodized aluminum construction.
  • Anodized aluminum, glass-filled nylon, and stainless steel liquid handling parts.
  • Glass-filled nylon heads.
  • One piece stainless steel diaphragm bolts.
  • Stainless steel check valves.
  • Self-priming pump.
  • Can be run dry.
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 14" x 7" x 7"
  • Weight: 22 lb

Recommended Repair Kits for the Udor Kappa 18/12 are the 8700.27 Desmopan Diaphragm Kit, the 8700.28 Buna Diaphragm Kit, or the 8700.27CK Complete Kappa 18 Repair Kit.

Recommended to use with the UD1/4-150 Relief Valve.

There is an assortment of PDF files located under Related Information if you require more info regarding this Udor Kappa 18/12-Volt DC Powered Diaphragm Pump.

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