Squirrel Net

Mesh bulb protection against squirrels. Squirrel Net creates a barrier between squirrels and your bulbs.

Save your bulbs from the bushy tailed rats.

Save your bulbs from the bushy tailed rats.

  • Squirrel Net 76 X 24
    USD $9.96
    • Buy 30 for USD $8.96 each and save 11%


Squirrel Net is designed to protect your garden plants and bulbs from marauding squirrels. The UV stabilized polypropylene mesh can be used above and below the ground. The mesh has 3/4 inch square openings that leaves room for bulb leaves to grow through the netting.

The Squirrel Net can be cut with scissors or kitchen shears and can be used in a number of ways:

  1. Place the Squirrel Net over the bulbs to be protected. Cut the net to a size of at least 2 inches wider and longer than the area that the bulbs are planted in. The Squirrel Net is then covered with soil.
  2. As an alternative, you cut the Squirrel Net into the shape of a box and then just fold and zip tie the flaps together. Leave the top open. Set the open box into a hole in the ground to the proper depth for the different kinds or bulbs. Place the bulbs and soil in the mesh box then Zip Tie the lid closed. The bulbs will grow out of the box and bloom normally.
  3. You can also use the Squirrel Net vertically as a fence around garden plants and vegetable gardens. You will need to anchor the bottom of the fence to the ground or maybe even bury the bottom of the fence in the ground.

The 24" x 76" size Squirrel Net comes with six ground pegs

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