Steel Handle Dirt Tampers

Two sizes of Steel Handle Dirt Tampers for preparing the ground for paving stones or concrete.
Steel Handle Dirt Tamper from Bon Tool.

Steel Handle Dirt Tamper from Bon Tool.

  • 8" Steel Handle Dirt Tamper
    USD $57.39
  • 10" Dirt Tamper
    USD $73.90


These high quality, commercial grade Tampers come in two sizes: 8" square tamper and an 10" square tamper.

Perfect for preparing an area for paving stones.

The head is bolted onto the handle and can easily be detached for storage. The grip on the handle is nearly 10" so that you can easily get two hands on the tamper. The total height is 4'.

Total weight is 16 lbs. for the 8" square tamper and the 10" square tamper is 19 lbs.

Wikipedia defines a Tamper as this: A tool with a long handle and a flat metal head, used in a stomping type motion to flatten ground, gravel or other type of materials, for gardening or landscaping tasks

Made by Bon Tool, a long established manufacturer of quality construction tools based in Pennsylvania.

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