Homeowners Moisture Meter

You can calibrate this meter to the desired moisture of your backyard compost pile or soil. It is also good for testing moisture of indoor seed trays.
View from the top of the Moisture Meter.

View from the top of the Moisture Meter.

  • Homeowners Moisture Meter
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The Homeowners Moisture Meter MM15 is a heavy-duty meter that can be used by gardeners, composters, farmers, and nurseries to attain an accurate moisture level reading in the soil.

The meter's unique calibration feature allows it to be used in a range of applications, including compost, gardening, and soil moisture testing. The calibration allows you to adjust the meter to the specific moisture needs of different plants and applications compared to a meter that isn't adjustable.

This Backyard Moisture Meter has a 15" long stem designed for monitoring the relative moisture in your backyard sized compost pile or soil. Calibrate the meter to your standard pile to get a relative 0-10 reading. A reading above 5 indicates the compost or soil is too wet, while a reading below 5 indicates the compost or soil is too dry.

The Backyard Moisture Meter is also great for use in outdoor containers, hanging baskets, and houseplants. It is great for checking for inadequate and unequal watering of containers and ground grown crops.

  • Powered by one AAA battery (included)
  • 15" long stem with 5/16" diameter
  • Measures moisture with 0-10 scale
  • Metal construction
  • Perfect for municipal workshops and programs
  • Easy-to-use instructions (in 'Related Information')

* Like all instruments, the Homeowners Moisture Meter should not be dropped or left in the compost or soil for extended lengths of time.

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